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cruise ship in Hamilton, Bermuda harbor With its temperate climate, pink sandy beaches, and azure water, Bermuda is a beautiful place to visit on a cruise.  Whether you are single, a couple, or a family with kids, Bermuda cruises provide the opportunity to relax and have fun in an enjoyable, relaxing atmosphere.  Not only is the destination special, but the journey to Bermuda is wonderful as well.  Many cruises to Bermuda are single-destination journeys, giving tourists several days to explore the island and use their ship as a floating hotel.  On board you can usually find gourmet food, excellent entertainment, swimming and exercise facilities, and sometimes even spa services.

Most cruises to Bermuda are a combination of several days at sea and several days on the island.  The island can be explored via moped or scooter; golf, sunbathing, and snorkeling, as well as boat tours, dining, and shopping are common activities for cruise-goers.

Bermuda cruise ship and wharf area Cruises to Bermuda occur on a seasonal schedule, rather than a year-round basis.  This schedule coincides with Bermuda's "high season," which stretches from April to October.  Bermuda is located 1,200 miles north of the Caribbean, resulting in a cooler winter climate.  The busy cruise period coincides with the Atlantic hurricane season, so an itinerary could be impacted if a storm blows in.

Ships depart from East Coast cities such as Boston, New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Norfolk; they dock at the City of Hamilton, town of St. George, or The Royal Naval Dockyard in Sandys Parish.  Large ships usually anchor near the Hamilton Harbour, and some ships will visit two city ports.

One of Bermuda's big attractions to cruise ship passengers is that all three ports — Hamilton, St. George's, and King's Wharf — are within walking distance for shopping.  Bermuda, however, has no tax-free port facilities.

When taking a cruise to Bermuda, there are several different cruise lines to choose from.  The best cruise line for you depends upon your needs and interests.  The primary cruise lines that travel to Bermuda are Celebrity, Norwegian, Princess, and Royal Caribbean.

  • Celebrity Cruises is known for its elegant decor and modern touches, as well as its plentiful spa services, and wonderful food.  If you are a true gourmand, you'll appreciate Celebrity's reservations-only alternative restaurants on their Millennium-class ships — complete with attentive waiters, tableside cooking, and elegant music.  Yet Celebrity's cruises are known to be relatively affordable.  Bermuda offerings include 11-day to 15-day trips.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines give the feel of being on a large floating city, with a variety of nightlife, restaurant, bars, and entertainment offerings.  If you are interested in meeting people on your Bermuda cruise, Norwegian's casual dress code and open-seating dining make that easier.  If you aren't into the stuffiness of traditional cruising, Norwegian might be right for you.  Several of the line's ships offer week-long cruises to Bermuda.
  • Royal Caribbean International owns some of the biggest and most activity-packed ships around.  Royal Caribbean attracts the younger crowd, and nightlife is abundant.  Features include ice skating rinks, boxing rings, rock-climbing walls, water parks, and giant hot tubs that hang over the ship's sides.  Health spas, solarium pools, and theaters make this cruise line a great choice for active folks.  There are several cruises to Bermuda to choose from, ranging from five to nine nights in length.

Bermuda Cruise Reservations

Bermuda cruise liner docked at a Bermuda port
Cruise Liner Docked at a Bermuda Port

Cruise Lines Offering Bermuda Cruises

  • Celebrity Cruises
    Reserve a Bermuda cruise from New York, Philadelphia, or Norfolk.  Equal parts island charm and British pageantry, Bermuda offers an abundance of shopping, golf and colorful sights.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line
    Take a Bermuda cruise from New York, Boston, or Philadelphia.  Visit as many as three seaside towns including St. George's, Hamilton, and King's Wharf.  Each of these harbors offers a unique perspective on this exquisitely maintained island, ranging from famous British fortresses to languid pink sand beaches.
  • Royal Caribbean International
    Offers Bermuda cruise vacations to the island of pink-sand beaches, pastel houses and shorts in every shade.

bermuda cruise ship
Cruise ship
in Hamilton Harbour, Bermuda

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